Sunday, 18 November 2012

Farthest point of THE UNIVERSE

I know that I haven't been frequenting this blog as much as I wanted to, and that is what comes of having a genius and crowded mind like mine.
Nah, the real reason is that I was just too lazy in the holidays to sit and type out an essay. (how frank I am!)
Now that the holidays are just going to be over, I am suddenly in the mood to update this blog, but I don't know what to type.
How about a really big topic, like-
Actually, where does it end? Has anyone thought about it? Is there even a boundary? Or does it stretch on infinitely into nothingness? Here are two pictures to compare.

The first one is obviously not possible, because it is a geo-centric model, which is proven to be untrue.
The second one may be true, but no one knows. Yet.

The farthest known celestial body is a star around 13.3 billion light years away (hard to be exact) from the earth. Here is a picture of it.

Pretty far away. And yet that may not be the last thing in the universe.
Anyone like to comment about it?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Last Supper Mystery

I know you haven't heard from me for a long time. I have been busy with studies and exams. As a matter of fact, I am kind of disappointed with my marks. I hope to do much better this time, that is why I am studying hard.
Anyway, I want to speak today about the mysteries in Leonardo da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper. First of all, here is the painting itself-

Observe it carefully. Peel those eyes. Now look at each saint's hands. Do you notice something strange?
In the middle is Jesus, with both His hands spread out.
To His right and our left, is the young St. John (or possibly Mary Magdalene).
To his left is St. Peter.
Overlapping St. Peter's face is that of Judas, the traitor.
Now, to the left of Judas, near his back, is a hand clutching a knife that seems apparently disembodied, not belonging to anyone. Here is a close-up:

It may seem to be that of St. Peter's, but you must agree that it is an incredibly uncomfortable position to hold one's arm in. Try it yourself.
It could be the hand of St. John/Mary Magdalene, but see this-

It would be easier to suppose that there was someone hiding underneath the table and poking his hand over the top of the table. There is also a hint that St. Peter is actually holding the mystery hand at the wrist, as if to prevent it from stabbing someone. If the figure to Jesus's right is Mary Magdalene, Then St. John is missing from the table. Could he be present under the table?

A far fetched idea to be true, but worth a thought.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Virtual Reality- How Real?

Okay... today, there is an infinitely deep topic of discussion... What if we were all living in video games? How would you find out if this is the real world or some fantastic simulation?
First of all, look at our brains and imagine some kind of supergreat CPU. Looks supiciously similar, right? Both process stuff, send commands (in theory) and both can receive signals (kinda).
Then, science has also proved that all matter is made up of tiny things looking like pixels. (not atoms, billions of times smaller than that.)
Nowadays there are many virtual reality simulation games that have various characters that are controlled by us. They do the same thing that we do, they eat, sleep, drink, walk. Why can't we be controlled by some superhumanly intelligent beings through a small computer?
Think. It's something worth thinking about.
BTW- anyone reminded of the movie Matrix?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

In God we trust (?)

Today's Ganesh Chaturthi! And I have a really valid question. Does God really exist?
You might argue that God gives us strength and all that... but all I feel is that God was invented by humans for mental support, you know... stuff like 'He's watching down upon us'. Now that I think about it, it's also an excuse for kids to behave properly, or 'God will punish you'. God is just a fragment of our imagination.. but that does not mean you can do how many bad deeds you want!
You may also argue, 'What about the God particle? Higgs boson?' Let me tell you, it was actually named the 'Goddamn Particle' before the book editors thought it rude and shortened it to 'God'.
Speaking of Higgs boson, everyone knows about Prof. Higgs, but nearly no one knows about Prof. Bose, after whom 'boson' is named. Look it up. It's sad how Prof. Bose was forgotten.
That brings us back to our question, 'Does God exist?' or is it just a reason to blow out our pockets during festivals?
P.S.- I don't mind the stuff we get to eat during festivals!

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Who agrees that gadgets have shaped our world? I do, at least. Think about phones, fans and even laptops! No laptops, no blog! Highly unimaginable. The first gadgets were stone tools by cavemen, I guess. We have come so far from there. compare a stone knife and a food processor. Used for the same purpose, but what a difference!
But sometimes even gadgets do not work well. I was trying to update this blog from my phone, but I couldn't type a word. It was very frustruating. There I am, punching the phone with my fingers with the strength of a pro boxer, and there the screen is, not showing a thing. But I shouldn't complain. There is the laptop, after all. And there was nothing like 'updating a blog' in the time of people like Henry the VIIIth. Imagine going back in those times and talking about laptops. I bet you would be beheaded for being insane before speaking more than a sentence.
See how my mind wanders away randomly? And I just keep on typing whatever comes into my mind. That's what's called a freely writtten blog!
B.T.W.- I slept late and got up late today. A refreshing change!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Close Encounters of the First Kind...

Saturday mornings are the sleepiest times of the weeks for me... my brain is automatically hard-wired to wake up at 5:30 in the morning so however late I sleep on Friday, I  always get up early the next day. Now it is raining cats and dogs outside, so I can't even go out to play. I get bored. Solution? Whip out the laptop and blog!
Is anyone interested in stargazing like me? Do you ever look up at the twinkling night sky and say, "I wish I could see what was beyond" like me?
Yesterday I was watching the stars (yes, that's why I slept late) and I saw a small bright light whizzing across the sky at a great speed. It was going in a funny zigzag pattern and the light was not blinking. Then I saw another light just like that fly towards it, and they crashed and merged into one. I took my eyes off it and called out to my mother. When I looked back, it was gone.
Now, it may seem a bit far-fetched, but seeing is believing. When I told this to my friends, they laughed and mockingly called it a UFO.
I am convinced that it was not just two colliding aeroplanes or something, and I want to know what it was. If anyone has any suggestions?
P.S.- Have you seen the constellation of Casseiopia? It is absolutely beautiful!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Good vs. Evil

Hello all!
It's been a very busy day today... thankfully there is a following weekend... an opportunity to sit back and voice my thoughts...
I always wonder what the world would be like if there was no evil. There are many stories that warn us that a totally 'good' world is a bad thing.  Imagine a world where you couldn't lie to save your own life. I know we all have lied some time in our lives, but lies are a form of evil. People think the world would be a better place without war, but if you ask me... I think it is the wars that have brought the whole world together. For example, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident. That was truly a villainous act, but the horrific aftermath made people more considerate about others. Basically, according to me it is evil that brings about good. But if there is no evil, how can there be good? Any thoughts?