Sunday, 16 September 2012


Who agrees that gadgets have shaped our world? I do, at least. Think about phones, fans and even laptops! No laptops, no blog! Highly unimaginable. The first gadgets were stone tools by cavemen, I guess. We have come so far from there. compare a stone knife and a food processor. Used for the same purpose, but what a difference!
But sometimes even gadgets do not work well. I was trying to update this blog from my phone, but I couldn't type a word. It was very frustruating. There I am, punching the phone with my fingers with the strength of a pro boxer, and there the screen is, not showing a thing. But I shouldn't complain. There is the laptop, after all. And there was nothing like 'updating a blog' in the time of people like Henry the VIIIth. Imagine going back in those times and talking about laptops. I bet you would be beheaded for being insane before speaking more than a sentence.
See how my mind wanders away randomly? And I just keep on typing whatever comes into my mind. That's what's called a freely writtten blog!
B.T.W.- I slept late and got up late today. A refreshing change!


Sabyasachi said...

Gadgets have made our life easier, but it's time we realize who is in control of things, we or the gadgets..I am sure each one of us go through that phase where we pray in front of a gadget while it is processing something very critical and we pray it not to 'hang', 'restart' or 'disconnect' :) ...about updating a blog from a phone, well thats the biggest thing, learning the limitations of each gadget...!

Srishti Mitra said...

I agree... You think a lot about this stuff...