Thursday, 20 September 2012

Virtual Reality- How Real?

Okay... today, there is an infinitely deep topic of discussion... What if we were all living in video games? How would you find out if this is the real world or some fantastic simulation?
First of all, look at our brains and imagine some kind of supergreat CPU. Looks supiciously similar, right? Both process stuff, send commands (in theory) and both can receive signals (kinda).
Then, science has also proved that all matter is made up of tiny things looking like pixels. (not atoms, billions of times smaller than that.)
Nowadays there are many virtual reality simulation games that have various characters that are controlled by us. They do the same thing that we do, they eat, sleep, drink, walk. Why can't we be controlled by some superhumanly intelligent beings through a small computer?
Think. It's something worth thinking about.
BTW- anyone reminded of the movie Matrix?

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Sabyasachi said...

I hope you have seen the movie Inception...that's virtual reality at the next level.