Sunday, 18 November 2012

Farthest point of THE UNIVERSE

I know that I haven't been frequenting this blog as much as I wanted to, and that is what comes of having a genius and crowded mind like mine.
Nah, the real reason is that I was just too lazy in the holidays to sit and type out an essay. (how frank I am!)
Now that the holidays are just going to be over, I am suddenly in the mood to update this blog, but I don't know what to type.
How about a really big topic, like-
Actually, where does it end? Has anyone thought about it? Is there even a boundary? Or does it stretch on infinitely into nothingness? Here are two pictures to compare.

The first one is obviously not possible, because it is a geo-centric model, which is proven to be untrue.
The second one may be true, but no one knows. Yet.

The farthest known celestial body is a star around 13.3 billion light years away (hard to be exact) from the earth. Here is a picture of it.

Pretty far away. And yet that may not be the last thing in the universe.
Anyone like to comment about it?