Saturday, 9 March 2013


Happy belated Women's Day!
Here comes quite a long post. Let me explain the History behind this post.
Now, on 28th February, IUCAA held its open house day. I went there after school and there was a Q/A session with Jayant Narlikar (don't mind the spelling) and a few other well known people. I noted down a few questions and their answers and shortened them to one-liners for lazy people. Here they are.

Why wasn’t there previous warning of the Russian meteor?
 There are many meteors in space. It is not possible to keep an eye on every rock that comes near earth.

Why do planets not fall down?
 There is no up or down in space.

Which is the biggest star?
 Eta Carinae, it is in the last stages of its life. It is casting off its layers so there is no definite border of the star.

Does the moon have solstice and equinox?
 Yes, just like the sun that has it yearly, the moon has it monthly.

Why was the big bang theory denied?
 It is not accurate, it is an assumption based on the current state of the universe.

What if an earth like planet had a day of 50 hours?
 Just like on Antarctica, the people would stretch the length of their day gradually so that it corresponds.

Is an ant attracted by a tall building due to gravity?
 Yes, every object has gravity however the force would be almost negligible.

How do you imagine the big bang time?
 According to calculations, all values at that time were infinite. This is also called singularity.

What is the use of astrophysics in our life?
 All elements around us, in us were made in stars. It is the study of our environment on a large scale.

Can God and science go hand in hand?
 It depends, if God was the answer to all questions then we would not have inquisitive spirits.

Formation of life with few equations?

There have been attempts, but life is too complex.

 Hope you enjoyed them.

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