Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Insincerety and My Past.

I am very insincere.
Seriously, I am. And I hope I spelt it right.
I don't update this blog.
Maybe I don't post on this blog because no one reads it? If there were more followers of this blog, maybe I would right a lot more for my fans.
Fans? FANS? Now I am getting carried away.
I just realised that I typed the wrong spelling of write before. But I will just leave it like that as a reminder of what happens if I don't exercise my writing abilities often.
Okay, I may not be making a lot of sense right now to you. That is because my thoughts are often complicated. If you DO understand what I am saying, however, then congratulations. We might just be twins separated at birth and have the power of telepathy or something.

I really did not want this to be another vague post without any topic like the previous one. Now I understand why no one reads this stuff. Now unless I get a good topic...


Well, I still do not have any topic. Maybe you could suggest one in the comments for next time?

I was cleaning my cupboard yesterday and found a really old book in which I had written a story.
And what a story it was.

'One day, John was cleaning his parent's shop. He saw a bomb on the shelf. Something was going on. So he thought he will keep a watch at night. So he did. He kept a watch at night. Then he saw something strange. He saw a big, strong wind (I meant to say tornado, but I didn't know the word back then). It took the money in the drawer. Then it went away. Every night John would keep a watch, the wind came. He told it to the dog. The dog told it to his family. His family told it to John's
parents. His parents were shocked. The dog was good at making plans. He immediately told the plan in his mind. They said it was a nice plan They followed the plan and caught the thief.'

Don't even ask me what I was thinking at the end. I guess I was tired of writing and wanted to end it as fast as possible.
And don't judge me based on this. I must have been only five at the time.

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